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zaydenm, you have exceeded your limit of SPs. You can only buy an IT, RT and Rainbow Hat (Road) to continue. Would you want to buy them?
Hey! You copied some of my tokens! )-:<
Anyway, I vote Mario.
I'll be Gray.
I vote Blue.
The BFDI Survival Marble Race please.
The Challenge has ended! I'll now start working on the script. You can still buy stuff.
Alright! I'll put you on Excused Island.
Voting is over!
I'm sorry guys. Algodoo crashed and the first people who saw this were horrified. My computer a bit wonky and I lost almost all of my data, including components and scenes. It will be really appreciated if you guys supported me, as it will be more fun and amazing to have more support. Doing just a simple marble race or camp takes time and fustration, scratching my head to deal with these nasty problems. I'm sorry for those who watched this earlier.

I forgot to tell you that you must choose only 1 letter.
Hmm... this challenge seems famillair even though I am not in the camp...
3 more FREAKIN' days!
Transparent Yelley
I am a HUGE Article Insanity fan, so Cashy.
Why does it say Rickshae Rockets instead of Explosive Emulators?
Ruby winsa!
Um... can I recreate this and do my own version?
I'll delete this for your viewing pleasure.
Actually, I hate Feldspar. I don't even know what it is! And now, we have a new Magenta. Great. Oh, who cares, I'll let you go on with your biznis (yes I'm lazy). As long as no other 'Magenta' comes around, I'm fine. Speaking of which, I suggest you do a execution on Magenta >:-) (No I am not evil.)
Actually, scratch that. I'm editing it and better is best.
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