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don´t Reupload
just semi not fullauto
just semi not fullauto
just semi not fullauto
semi auto ? im not an engineer:P
dir ist wohl das made in Germany aufgefallen:D
im at work on the Para P3 Mod.2 im gonna add things like that;)
this was made in 10 minutes... so yes its crap xD
minimum 300 Hz perfect on 600 Hz
how can i mess Nm ?
thank you !
Spintires ?:D
can you make an tutorial how to make one ? that were be awsome because i love engines:)
this gun is an totaly remake if mine machinegun . you should say that in the description
Thank you:)
thank you . i was scared nobody gonna help me:D
If this is really your first one its pretty good:) make the sim frequency higher:)
wow thank you ^^ i thought algadoo guns were out of interest:D
I do not understand why 10/10 . its just an simple gun ^^
well thank you ^^ and thanks for being a big part of the community:)
of course;) but im wondered:P my guns pretty suck
it looks nice . but its all just scripted
oh well than you reached your goal;)
My biggest proplem ist not the engine ... theyre al littlebit weak but powerful for my standarts . my problem is the Gearbox . i cant script so this is the biggest problem
Wonderfull 10/10 i like such simple cars:)
because i have a life ?
that tutorials are useless for me:P if there some in german i could understand them better . it just takes some time to learn something;)
thank you:)
i put some strings on my last guitar and its just glitchin around:P and its not suppose to be an stratocaster . Its just an strat style guitar ^^
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