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You have a telegram now? lol idk. You can add me though. Even so I'm no so active as for a scene making like old days.
I love Algodoo and ability to engineer anything I want, that's the only thing keeping me here.

PS thanks n_nooan
Last edited at 2019/09/18 00:54:29 by vaidas369
nice work!
faytree - the handle at the front of the engine. Up and down. I though it was clear because i specifically drow instructions lol

Never mind, i just checked there was a bug with a crank but its fixed now
Last edited at 2019/09/20 14:13:01 by vaidas369
that's pretty cool.
Good, although the suspension needs work. You can check out my scenes on how i handle it, works pretty realistic.
great way of use the new gen spawn engines. Although not a fan of blurry motorcycle, but that only in my opinion.
Lol probably would brake his neck due to g- forces:lol:
That is some fine quality scene. 8 is a nice number to have under your hood.
Thanks I'll fix it! Must have missed!
Nice, although it could use sine trouble and idle speeds.
And some indicators.
It's hard to imagine that there would be actual V8 engine in it. More like inline 6 but who knows.
I look into this diagram and still have no idea how it works. Amazing work though
Thank you! Although it was not supposed to do it lol. I might have something a bit more exciting for the next one.

If you rev the engine on 100% power and dump the clutch on 2nd gear
you can lift the front wheel:D
Last edited at 2020/04/05 17:58:48 by vaidas369
Nice, Controls are kinda odd. The gear gage is a must, its not hard to do it. I recommend making one.
Nice video and scene, however...
There's a lot of wrong with this car.
1. 230Hz is super OP
2. you use polygons for wheels instead of circles a big no-no.
3. Your wheels don't have enough density so they constantly glitching.
4. Tell linkage 2 "V8's" slammed together is not a W16 lol.
5. Your wheels don't have traction.
6. Your gears constantly slip.
7. What the heck is that suspension springs?
this is very well made, although there are troubles in lock and pin area where the thing will go but it's not enough to trigger bullet to fire.
Last edited at 2020/04/19 08:49:37 by vaidas369
Abderrgood - that's odd, never happened to me though.
Are you trying to drive on 2nd from standing still?
Also, you know that there are 3 different gas settings. q for little, w for medium and e for full.
Other than that I have no idea what could cause this, I tried a lot of things and never seen that happen as you described.
eanayayo - thank you!
These engines are gold and there's no reason to go back.
I guess you're right about both well the weight is kinda too heavy I guess? lol I updated
Last edited at 2020/04/27 18:26:31 by vaidas369
Very nice!
It depicts Slavic way of driving perfectly. It is bleautiful
Very nicely build
love the effects too
good engine
Thank you s_noonan for feedback. Appreciate greatly.
So you want to know how to make one of these stretched hinges? Thats quite easy.
Right click the hinge and and where it says hinge constant type in 1e-030
Look up any of mine. That makes hinge stretch for infinite length. Then do what ever with it. Hope this helps.
X-ray - OP is over powered for short. Most common place to hear it would be in a multiplayer game or something of sorts. Its a gamer jargon more like.
s_noonan - lol no really made it like in a day. But it was fun got to say:D

eanayayo - About the brakes, since algodoo does not have actual friction physics meaning if the wheel slides it brakes the best. If the wheel stops like with ABS it's actually slower. So why bother?
I can adjust the clutch a bit no big deal.
BTW if you want wheelie just add some stickers. Everyone knows stickers add power:D

BTW thank you both for commenting, puts a smile on my face:)
Evander3ro - good, you know how to start ignition, start the engine, pull the clutch. Now you just need to shift into gear and give it some gas
Nicely done, the transmission works very well. Have you got some ideas from my recent V12 Mercedes? lol
Tops 390km/h now that is very fast for an SUV:D
The dash is nice too, futuristic in away. I see you've advanced in coding nice.
Id love to see you make some motorcycles too. Been some time since you made one.
Use motorcycle? Ok, use ragdoll? Ok
But reupload pretty much the same changing some colors is not ok.
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