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Why track short
It make my laugh
I don't know for my it works real good
Yes, that is my biggest problem with engines. And i don't know what to do to fix it.
Hold Return/ Enter and go fast simple
i have 4gb DDR3 RAM Dual-Core E6600 @3.06Ghz 3.07 GHz and it still lag WTF man?
Yellow Win
Good job
Did this engine exist in a real world?
Can you explain, how you add an axle two objects?
Thanks, i will rate your job 10/10 good work:)
Try run again, transmission will not explode. Just try
who worn in the image?
ok, your phone is good, but you can work with him more. I mean create more things you can do with it.
Can i use your wheels?
You better make some gearbox and you have big problem with vibration so i say you better made otherwise engine. Good luck
Do you have done this clock from a clock design?
And I'm working, experimenting due to the power and capacity but it is not as easy as it seems. I will now go mechanics course, my job is to repair and build engines, but here algodoo here much differently.
Well thought of it as yourself, find out how it works, it really is not anything complicated
lethalsquirl - all you have to know is hingeConstant is 1e-030. Good luck
You got lot of problems with this engine. First working tourist is to small, killer is to far engine don't running so good. And i see you work more for style not for performance.
Niekad nebuciau sugalvoje ka nors panasaus padaryt:D
no gears, no acceleration only small simle engine....
How did you made snow animation?
This is crap
i've have built this before you.
You did well
Rock, sometimes hous
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