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It's been a week and I still haven't seen it on Algobox.
Did you accendentally forgot to upload or are there some problems with it?
Thank you so much, it looks way better than before.
I'll add some additional striping later and make the wheels look pretty (that is something I can do), it was just the bodywork I have trouble with. Weirdly I'm always unable to get the right dimensions and realistic size :(
I can do small cars, but I have trouble with bigger ones and some times small ones too. So, thanks for helping me with that bit too.

I'll fix the speedometer, because now it can go faster than 120 km/h.
And am going to add a cruise control, because I don't always want it to go 200 km/h.
I already have a working one on a test car, but I don't know if it's going to work on this one.
Because this car has a different engine and is a lot heavier than the test car, but we'll see.
Maybe it works and if not I can simply remove it.

And I am going to add other small (sporty) things as well:
Maybe some lights, digital speedometer (or HUD), lights on the dashboard to indicate what mode is engaged (something similar to the lights I have on my golf cart), a sporty air intake on the hood and roof, a spoiler on the rear, some glow on the bottom of the car (like some street cars have).

Or I can go for the simple family car with maybe a caravan (the engine can tow 200 kg easily (and 1000 kg as well, slow but it goes), so why not).

But I don't know yet, there are such much things you can do with this car.
You can make it sporty or a family car, I don't know what to choose.
I do prefer a sporty car, but a family car with caravan seems fun too (and go racing through the alps with the caravan flying off :P ).
I don't know, I'll see it when I get to that point.
Maybe I combine some things.

I have enough ideas but getting them to work and adding/making them is a different story. But I can do it, it will be a piece of cake. Since I have done a lot of the ideas above before.
Maybe I'll add a "2 Fast 4 You" bumper sticker too :+

The digital speedometer however is a very cool idea.
Maybe I'll replace the analog one with the digital one, because the digital one is way more sporty. And easier to instal/calibrate.
Or I can combine them, which is also very cool.
Analog on the dashboard and a digital one on a HUD.

The speedometer needs to be fixed first, then I try to add some sporty things to the car and then I'll add other stuff like cruise control and lights.
But I'll do all that stuff, you have helped me already a lot and now it's my turn to finish it. I only needed help with getting it to work, but I can easily do the smaller things.

And I have the weird feeling the credits list is going to be large ;)

EDIT: I have seen that you already made a light indicating the engine mode (haven't noticed it, but now I know).
The rpm-meter is a bit buggy though, when the engine stops it still indicates a high rpm and sometimes it doesn't even work or the mechanism breaks. :(

So, maybe a digital dashboard isn't such a bad idea at all.
It's easier to calibrate and a lot more stable.
The only problem I have with digital instruments is that the readings always have numbers behind the dot.
And with all other digital displays there are no numbers behind the dot.
So, how do you remove the numbers behind the dot to make a single number?

And I noticed something, the engine is stronger!!!!!!
I don't know what it is or what you have done to it, but the car is faster and the engine seems stronger.
The car climbed a 45 degree hill on turbo (5) mode like the hill wasn't even there. The car couldn't do a hill start, but with one meter to get to speed it climbed the hill fast and it looked like it kept accelerating.
The performance is amazing and I think the new suspencion is the reason why this car has a great performance.
I knew the engine wasn't as bad as I thought, it just needed the right car to get the maximum out of it.

By the way, did you get my PM?
Last edited at 2012/08/17 08:34:44 by Banjerboef
Ok, I haven't noticed that the engine has changed a bit, because you said it was still the old engine. So, I didn't look at it, since there is nothing wrong with my old engine.
And I have noticed in previous test with supsencion that the front bounced a lot.
So, now I know what the thrusters on the engine block do.
I already had an idea, but wasn't sure and now I am.
The speedometer is very realistic compared to the old one.

But I'll see if I can fix the bugs.
Otherwise I change it to a digital dashboard, because I hate buggy things.

But thank you for helping, I can do it myself from here.
Use circles instead of gears, because gears are buggy and can handle less power than circles.
And you could use attraction-turbo, which basically means that you work with "attraction" to get more power out of it.
I learned all this from other creators when I needed help with one of my engines.

Maybe you can also try to position the pistons so that they both hit the scriptboxes at the same time (or with a slight delay between them).
This way you get a huge power boost instead of 2 small ones.
I don't know if it's effective on your engine, but it's worth trying because it works for me.

In my opinion thruster engines are easier for people who don't have experience with building engines, because they are easier to make and adjust then for example spawn/spring/bounce engines.
I tried to make a spawn engine too, but that project didn't end very well.
It couldn't even make a small and light test car move.

So, I made a thruster engine and that one works great in a car.
It produces max. 60 Nm, which isn't a lot, but it's enough to get a car all the way to 65 m/s (about 230 km/h).
I got some help from somebody else, who made the gearbox and made the car work. Because a engine alone is not enough to make it move ;)
Check out one of my first cars with thruster engine:

It's simple and it doesn't have a lot of power (25 Nm, I think), but it's a great engine to start with. The scriptboxes and all the mechanics are exposed, so you are able to see how it works easily.

However, I don't give you permission to copy anything, you just have to make your own.
But you can use my scripting as an example, because everybody uses this or a similar script.

Btw, it's not the same engine as I was talking about, because the engine I was talking about has three cilinders.
(The gearbox problem has already been solved, but I haven't uploaded yet)

You aren't allowed to copy anything from this engine either!
I hate people who steal other peoples stuff.
@The Linkage: Send you a PM
Definatly one of the weirdest engines (and gearbox) I have ever seen, so maybe that's why it isn't working as it should.

As for the engine, it is the most unlogical engine ever ... but it is working.
Pretty clever to try high and low speed piston movement at the same time, but I doubt if it will work at high speeds/rpm because of the fast moving piston (which might explode or get out of it's cilinder at high speeds).
But you can try a negative damping factor (like -2) and a higher constant to get the engine running. This is the only thing I know about spring engines.
I did an attempt to a bowling alley too, it works, but that's it.
I wanted to do a scoring system, but I got frustrated that it didn't work proberly.
So, I quit that project.
Nice job though!
One recommandation, don't use Hitler in scenes or on the internet. He has done so much bad things to people (especially Jews and women). So, mentioning his name is going to make a lot of people very very angry (including me). Learn the history of a sertain person before using it in a scene!
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@MrGlinzz, you are right I forgot those too... Indeed the list is endless.
Only because he wanted to create the perfect rase he destroyed a lot of lifes and families. His actions where much worse than for example a nuclear war, not only because of amount the deaths but the way people where killed. Not going to talk too much detail because small children might read this too and I don't want to give them nightmares.

So, for all the children out here, he was a bad bad man, ask your parents when you are older!
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