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@Kilinich: for trains a diesel generator is fine, because it provides electricity for trains so they can go to places where there is no electricity.
For construction sites it is fine too, but for cars it isn't.

It's like Top Gear's "Hammerhead Eagle i Thrust", an electric car with a diesel generator in the back. It works, you can drive for a long time, but the idea is just silly. If you are having a diesel generator to provide the electricity, the car won't be a hybrid anymore. It will be an electric car causing polution and without tax (because the diesel generator doesn't power the car directly, it only generates the needed electricity).
It works, but the rpm isn't very stable.
The engine stalls quite fast at accelerating, but when it's going it's pretty fast.

Btw: I don't have much lag (running @ 61% real-time).
If you want you car to go faster, I have learned:
Place the killer a bit more up;
Make the spawned circles lighter;
Make the flywheel bigger and a bit heavier (not much).
@Ravenplucker: Sure for crowded city's it would be ideal.
But what if everybody goes on a vacation in the Alps.
It's summer, so there is plenty of sunlight.
So, solar panels would be an more ideal solution in that situation.

Thus maybe a combination of both the Yo-engine and solar panels would be the best option.

But I think solar panels still work the best, but that's my opinion.
use collision instead of lasers, so it can still work at higher speeds
The concept is pretty good, if you think of the idea behind it.
It shows the people how to drive efficiently.

It works nicely
Make a Bugatti Royale (
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It works for me, but the tachometer goes crazy and the gear shift is slow/unresponsive.

But everything else is great, especially the scenery.
How did you manage to get the 3D effect?
Because if you are driving and look closely at the grass, you will notice that the grass more to the front moves faster to the left than the grass more to the back.
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@shark0151: I never noticed the scenery thing until now. To be honest, I never paid attention to detail until now. :)
Let me guess, you found it in your basement or at the dump. :lol:
The Big Ben is the name of the bell inside the tower, not the name of the tower itself.
Nice, but there aren't many details.
And a breakable dome would be an great addition!
not a very good creeper, I miss the different colored pixels!
LOL, you all just look like some little kids arguing about something stupid and I am going to join you guys :lol: .

In my opinion Lucas doesn't like negative feedback, he expects that everybody likes what he makes (even if it is very low quality).
Coolcars's comment was (in my opinion) meant to be nice, but Lucas is only seeing negative things in comments. If people say that they don't like it because it isn't your best work, you can't do anything about it. It's their opinion and you can change that by following the tips in the comments, like for example by doing better and upload better cars.

Your Audi Q7 Crash race for example looks much much much better than this car. So, maybe that's why people are saying you can do better.
That's also why people are saying that you are going back to what you did months ago (they you also made scenes like this one). Maybe that's also why we all think your car isn't as good as your other cars.

So, think twice before you say something like idiot or cunt to others!!!
You are the only idiot by saying that, not Coolcars or Altse99.
You are so stupid you can't even think about what they mean with "you can do better". So, you don't have the right to say idiot or cunt to them.
You can get banned for that, did you know that?

Coolcars and Altse are giving their opinion about your car and if you don't like that it's your problem not theirs. You don't have to change the contents of your scene, but if you want more positive feedback you will have to.
We all know you can do better looking at your other scenes, so it isn't strange if people think your scene isn't as good as your other scenes.

I think that your car isn't really good too, because:
- There is no reverse light, a car without a reverse light is not very realistic.
- The wheels are more detailed then the rest car, not very realistic either.
- The nose is way too large compared to the rest of the car.
- The car is a shaped like a box, that's not realistic because cars are normally more airodynamic and not shaped like a box. I know my cars are shaped like a box as well, but I don't claim my cars are realistic and you do. And cars shaped like a box aren't very realistic.
- The windows and wheels are small compared to the rest of the car.
- And the color isn't great either, I know it's hard to do coloring but you can at least use some different shades of red to make it look more realistic.

In other words, work on the scale, looks and details of everything.

You said in your title and description that it is a realistic crash car, but I don't see the 'realism' in it.
In fact in the description you called your car "Super Realistic Cars Car 2".
By saying that people are going to judge on realism, because you claimed it to be realistic. So, if it isn't realistic there is a chance you get comments like "you can do better".

So, the fact that you don't get comments as "I like it" is a bit your own fault.
In your eyes your car might be super realistic, but the people here on Algobox don't see the realism. Sure it is better compared to your other (claimed to be realistic) crash cars, but not better compared to your other scenes.

Other creators do something with the feedback they get, they change stuff so the people on Algobox get what they expect. You should learn from that.
I remember saying to Monstertje3 that he should put a door on his wasmachine for loading and unloading the laundry, and he did put that on his next version. So, you should do the same. You have to listen to the people on Algobox and do something with their advise/tips instead of arguing with them or saying that they are an idiot!!!

You have to understand that some people give comments to help you with making your scenes better. I also gave some tips/improvements, now it's up to you to do something with it!!!
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@Lucas: You could give it a different title, like "realistic car crash".
Because there is a big differense between "realistic crash car" and "realistic car crash".

Maybe you can add a crumble zone to your crash car as well, that makes 'the crash' more realistic. :)
I don't think it's that 'super realistic', I prefer the cars at your other account.
They are in my eyes more realistic
Doesn't work for me, I can't get the engine started and it doesn't go forward even if I keep pressing the starter key (s).
It's called "Snoek" in the Netherlands.
I think it can easily be a volvo, because it's blocky and because of the grille.
But I miss the diagonal line on the grill itself.
So, I think it is a Lincoln.
But I don't know much about Lincolns.
It's not a Ford Transit or VW Transporter, that's one thing i'm sure about.
That's funny, because I made an engine (not uploaded to Algobox) which has loads of power and is stable in a car, but I can't get the gearbox to work properly with it.
I can't get the right ratios, and I tried everything from large to small ratios.

One time it worked correctly and I got to 17 m/s (it's one of my first cars and my fastest yet), but when I try it with an more efficient gearbox (with lower ratios) it loses it's power when I change to a higher gear (which it could handle perfectly with the previous gearbox) and the speed decreases.

I don't have a power problem, because it can do a hill start on a 19 degree hill.
And it can easily tow 1000 kg to a top speed of 15 m/s (0-10 m/s in less than 15 seconds).

So, does someone know how to make the perfect gearbox?
Or at least a gearbox that does work?

And does someone know how to calculate the power of an engine in Nm or HP?
Because I really want to know how powerfull my engine really is.
I'll upload my car to Algobox soon, so you can see it.
My god, what have you done to it :o
I knew it was able to go 20 m/s with the right gearbox, but 25 m/s ...
I don't know what to say, it's awesome.
It's weird to see my ugly little car actually ... work.
I knew it could work, but never got it to work.

It's just ... unbelievable.
Such a small change made such a huge difference.

You cleaned up the script box, and made it look much better.
The new gearbox is just awesome.
I am just speachless.

I didn't know how to use the new readable values, so I'm glad you know :)

Is it normal that the speed and rpm indicator needles jump a little while stationary and the engine is off?
And the black box in the middle in the dashboard is for the gear indicator I think?

I still have to learn to shift at 15 m/s, instead of the previous 6 m/s.
So, that's a bit weird, but besides that it is an fantastic gearbox.
I knew it, I knew it wasn't the engine.

So, do you also know how to calculate the torque and hp of my engine?
Because I am a bit curious about how good and strong it really is.

Thank you very very very much for helping me!!!
It works, finally.
I knew it could work, it just needed some tweaking by an expert;)
Thanks for the info, I'll try it in a test scene so I know how to work with the new readables too.

I have done a test on how strong my engine is ... and it's not great.
Compared to my other engines it's a racecar engine, because it has 5 times the power of my previous strongest engine.
But compared to one of your engines, it's just rubish.
On the strongest setting (number 5, Turbo) my engine has about 60 Nm of torque and 26 Nm in it's first setting (number 3, Normal).
So, that's pretty weak or strong if you look at the 60 Nm.

I didn't noticed you changed the colors on the speed indicator too, but I have to say it's handy and realistic.
Normally you change at 40 and 100 km/h in a real car, so that's a good thing.
The only down side is that the car doesn't go that fast and that it's a fake reading, but it's still fun.

But I like it, and that's what counts.
I like the new ratios a lot, because it is much more realistic and most importantly it works.

Btw, I have done some little testing and I noticed something.
If you accelerate in the fastest setting (number 5, Turbo), it shoots to 25 m/s like a rocket :P .
I managed to get to 30 m/s, but then I lost control and it started jumping ... a lot.
So, if I had changed gears at the right moment, I think it could have gone even faster.
To prevent jumping I have to change the weight of the wheels and such to keep it on the ground, which runs it's performance.
So, I'll think about that later.

Thanks for helping me out, I really appreciate it.
The only thing left for me is turning it into a good looking car.
Which will be though, but I'm sure I can do it.
With LegacyMode on 0 it accelerates much slower, or I have changed the LegacyMode on the wrong hinges.
What is LegacyMode by the way?
Because even with LegacyMode on 0 the connection between the gearbox and rear wheel still jumps sometimes when the rpm is high.
Because the other scene doesn't allow comments :s , I'll give my response on this scene.

The gearbox tweaks are awesome, it runs much faster now (I got to 33 m/s, which is about 118 km/h).
But even the turbo mode (5) can't get it to go faster than 33 m/s.

I was thinking about putting a 4th gear on it, because now it works.
But looking at the maximum speed I can get to and the rpm the engine is running at at that speed, a 4th gear won't make much difference. :(
The gear ratio would be so big that the smaller circle would go wild and crazy at higher speeds.
To solve this you have to scale up the gearbox, which requires more torque to power (which of course I don't have ... yet).
So, a 4th gear is in my eyes not possible/needed.

Thanks for helping, 118 km/h is a lot in my eyes.
I know it is possible with a lot of tweaks to make it go faster, but I'll think about that first. Because I think it won't be just 3 tweaks, but a lot (the engine, gearbox, frame, wheels, stopping the jumping and all the other important stuff).

It's awesome to see my small (still ugly) car go like 125 or 130 km/h (or even 160 km/h), like a real car.
But I don't think that's possible, even if I gave the engine more torque.
It's awesome, but also a lot of work.

So, thanks again for your help.
I really appreciate it. :tup:

Where is the "" for?
I know it's for the gearbox, but what in the gearbox?
Last edited at 2012/07/23 13:22:36 by Banjerboef
That's very nice of you to keep working on it.
I'm a bit curious about how fast it can really go too.
I don't think it will be more than 45 m/s (= 160 km/h), but we will see.
Of course it would be cool to go that fast, but looking at the engine it will take a lot of work to get there.

The script is for the thrusters on the pistons (maybe you already noticed), if you increase the number you increase the torque (but also the risks of exploding:P ).
So, you can do some things with that if you don't have enough torque.
I have had it on 250 Nm in Turbo mode (5), and that ran pretty well without exploding. As long as you give the engine something to power, so the rad/s are kept below 70 rad/s (above that the risks of jumping are higher).

You can also try to add more pistons in the engine, like some people do.
Some people add like 10 pistons in one cilinder, but I think 2 or 3 will be enough (and more realistic).
The upside though is that it becomes a V6 engine instead of a simple 3 cilinder one.
A V6 is more realistic but less fun, because it's funnier to see a 3 cilinder engine go 40 m/s than a V6.
But we'll see.
The only problem with more pistons in one cilinder is the scripting of the thrusters on the pistons.
But I think that that problem can be solved with a .geom (or whatever it's called) and a if-else script.
It will be hard though, but maybe it's possible.

Let's turn this ugly (I still have to work on the looks:( ) simple car, that wasn't ment to go fast when I first build it, into a race car :lol:
The reason why there are so many variables is because of the timings.
The things connecting the pistons with the flywheel are placed at the same place, but because the cilinders are positioned as they are the pistons don't hit the scriptboxes at the exact same time.
For example, when the left piston is at it's highest position, the most right piston is not.
To keep the timings perfect I made a lot of variables.
So, now the thrusters change direction at the correct timing instead of 0.5 seconds too early (which can cause a small loss of torque).

You can check it for yourself when you download this scene and keep it on pause.
You will notice that the bottom of the most left piston is in the scriptbox, while the bottom of the most right isn't.

So, because my engine doesn't have much power, I do everything to get the most out of it. And if that means I have to add a lot of variables (which my computer is able to handle), why not?
If 7 different thruster variables mean I have 3 Nm more torque, why not?
It's a crucial difference if I want to get to high speeds, because that 3 Nm can mean the difference between 32 or 33 m/s.
@Altse99: The cars where:
Toybota (Jeremy)
Triumph Herald (James didn't give it a special name, like Jeremy and Richard did)
Dampervan (Richard

I love Top Gear!
Can you make the Terminator combine snow harvester thing (season 16 episode 5) with FLAME THROWER?
That would be awesome.
65 m/s ... 234 km/h, omg, what happend!
I know what you did, but Oh My God.
It's a racecar :o

I designed this car to look and perform like a 45 km/h car, because I couldn't get much speed out of my engines, but this is a racecar now.
My god, I don't know what to say ... again.

The engine is simple and pretty weak compared to other engines on Algobox, but the car performs like a supercar.
It's amazing what is possible with weak engines.

Uhm ... and you forgot something:
You forgot to make the wheels like 50 to 80 KG, because otherwise the car starts jumping in the Faster than normal (4) and Turbo mode (5).

And I have one little request, because the wheel is now so far away from the engine it's impossible to make it front wheel drive and have the engine at the front at the same time (or rear wheel drive and engine at the back at the same time, because now it's like a mid-engine supercar and I think that's ugly (despite the better weight balance)). So, could you make a nice car around it with the engine at the front and rear wheel drive (or with the engine in the rear and front wheel drive), like a real race car. Because now it looks a bit ... weird :P

I am very bad at building cars and a chasis, as you can see from how it looks now and how the previous versions looked (they where very bad looking, you can still see one of those previous versions on my profile).

Then I'll adjust the speedometer and the rpm meter when you re-upload it, because now the speedometer breaks if you go faster than 40 m/s (or somewhere near that).
And because the car now really goes 65 m/s, I don't have to put fake numbers on the speedometer anymore (I didn't have to anymore at v2). :)

By the way, thank you very much for making it go so fast.
It's like a race car now!!!
I've already started to make a nice test track/course for it.

I never thought it would go so fast, it's amazing.
I think 65 m/s is really the max, or the wheels have to be sized up even more and then the whole car won't look realistic anymore.
And I don't want to turn it into a monster truck :lol:
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