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AMBT contest entry - T-112 "Varyag" MBT (Main Battle Tank)

screenshot of the scene

Author: pfjeka

Group: Russian

Filesize: 195.05 kB

Date added: 2013-02-25

Rating: 6.5

Downloads: 4575

Views: 944

Comments: 5

Ratings: 4

Times favored: 0

Made with: Algodoo before v1.8.5


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T-112 "Varyag" Main Battle Tank

For AMBT contest (
All controls are also in the scene

Length = 7.70 m
Height = 2.63 m
Weight = 47 t

How to drive:
"1" - 1� gear (heavy off-road conditions)
"2" - 2� gear (medium off-road conditions)
"3" - 3� gear (light off-road conditions, medium road speed)
"4" - 4� gear (good road conditions, max speed)
"0" - Reverse gear

"Arrow Up" - Clutch (hold down)
"Arrow Down" - Brakes (hold down)

(Press the botton for shifting to desired gear, hold down the clutch to drive)

Systems and weapons:
- 1000 HP turbo-diesel engine (320 rpm - 25000 Nm) (by Kilinich);
- 125 mm smooth bore main cannon, capable of firing guided missiles (by Kilinich);
- 20 mm anti-aircraft gun (10 seconds bullets life time);
- 40 mm grenade launcer (HE rounds)
- "Kontur-2M" Active Protection System;
- 2M116 "Rakurs" Explosive Reactive Armour;
- SO-4 "Duna" gyroscopic stabilizer for the main cannon.

"PageUp" - move up main cannon
"PageDown" - move down main cannon
"Home" - move up AA/GL turret
"End" - move down AA/GL turret

"Enter" - shoot main cannon
"A" - shoot AA (anti-aircraft) gun
"D" - shoot GL (grenade launcer)

"Q" - On/Off "Kontur-2M" Active Protection System

- Main gun elevation angle: +40�/-5.5� shooting, +45�/-5.5� without shooting;
- Reduced brake distance;
- Smooth torsion bar suspension;
- Reinforced front suspension, to withstand more impulsive loads at higher speeds.
(The front upper track roller acts also as a bumper (hingeConstant) for the lower track roller, to absorb shocks at higher speeds. So the hull does not touch the ground when driving faster. The rear track roller has the same scheme.)
- The main cannon stabilizer has a gyroscopic module (the big circle near the fuel tank) that maintains the desired angle. The cannon has a probe (green box), whose angle is monitored. So the angle of the cannon is continuosly adjusted by a servo-motor.

Max road speed = 10,3 m/s (37 km/h)
Ramp elevation max forward = +/-50� *
Ramp elevation max backwards = +35�/-50� *
Max wall height = 1.2 m
Max gap pass = 4 m
Can pull a 80 tons wheeled sled at 15� ramp

* the ramp surface should be rough enough (friction = 2)

"Kontur-2M" Active Protection System
This system protects the tank from anti-tank weapons like infantry carried AT rocket launcers, ATGMs, APFSDS and artillery rounds. It detects incoming warheads using laser sensors. Upon detection it destroys the threat by exploding a defensive ammunition in the air, before the warhead can engage the tank. The defensive ammunition forms a dense cloud of fragments directed towards the incoming warhead, that destroys or severely damages it. If the warhead wasn't detected and it approaches too close to the tank (closer than 3 meters from sensors), the system doesn't do anything, because a close detonation of the counter-projectile could cause damage to the tank. The "Kontur-2M" is a hard-kill system, it uses a projectile to destroy another projectile. It is dangerous for the infantry in the range of 15 meters, so when the system is armed a flashing light will warn the infantry near the tank.

Coverage angle: 360� in azimuth, -18�/+80� in elevation (front and rear hemisphere).
Reaction distance: 12 m
Warhead characteristics to activate "Kontur-2M" APS: any object with "A" or "B" collision layer and speed > 15 m/s.

2M116 "Rakurs" ERA (Explosive Reactive Armour)
The tank turret is protected against anti-tank weapons with 2M116 "Rakurs" ERA tiles. They can neutralize incoming warheads by exploding and dissipating the round energy, by cutting APFSDS rounds or by destabilizing high speed jets of the shaped charge warheads.

Warhead characteristics to detonate 2M116 "Rakurs" tiles: same as for the "Kontur-2M" APS.

"Kontur-2M" APS and 2M116 "Rakurs" ERA aren't 100% effective, as in real world. The effectiveness depends from sim.frequency and from warhead speeds.


Simulation runs with 120 Hz frequency. The tank is phunlet safe.

Antilag measures:
"O" - delete the "Kontur-2M" system (requires a lot of CPU resources);
"U" - delete some small parts.

CREDITS: Thanks to Kilinich for help with code, it was really essential. I learned a lot of things with this scene.:)

Sorry for this loooong description...

Please rate and comment! :coolgrin:
Last edited at 2016/01/07 18:26:26 by pfjeka
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Awesome:tup: :tup: :tup:
Thank you Gent!

Updated the correct ramp angle for climbing with sled.
best tank on Algobox yet :tup:
_o_ _o_ _o_
shame you cant drive and even if the active protection system is on it doesn't work other than that it is awesome :)