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Volvo 460 Crashable

screenshot of the scene

Author: MrLucasManSwe

Group: Default

Filesize: 353.55 kB

Date added: 2012-09-09

Rating: 9

Downloads: 383418

Views: 28608

Comments: 139

Ratings: 32

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun

Crash car,
Volvo 850,
Volvo 440,

Scene tag

This car works for both Algodoo and Phun.

The Volvo 460 was a mid 90's sedan. It was the first Volvo with FWD.


New, realistic structure with crash-beam, removable front panel and bumpers. This makes the crashes look even better.
Realistic size and performance.
Hood and trunk can be opened.
Working rear lights.
There is a crushed car in the map. What car is it?

Please rate and comment. :lol:

This is a Volvo 850 (big brother of the 460) being crashed:

Last edited at 2013/01/01 17:24:57 by MrLucasManSwe
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Great, i didn't even know that myself! But i think you meant ZX2.
cool 300 of 10 rating
Yeah, I mean ZX2.
I am finished with the next car! :)
Right now i'm working on the track.
The car is a big American FWD sedan made from 2000 to 2005.
PLEASE make more
lol good:)
I think im going to cry... :'( Why dont we have that many talented people like you on algodoo? YOUR SO F*CKING AMAZING DUDE! I LOVE ALL OF YOUR CRASHABLE CARS! :'(
Lucas this is supposed to be Razor440 here, but I forgot my password and I didn't want to go through that process of making a new one.:(
And Lucas, please do a 1979/1978 Dodge Magnum GT. the biggest motor they dropped in was a 400 cubic inch V8. You don't see them in Need For Speed because they only put in muscle cars from 1964-1972, which were the peak years of the 20th Century muscle car. (PS: i could go on and on about it!!)
well idk whyt the crashed car is... so yoah
You should build a Crashable Mazda RX7.
next car can you make a chevy silverado
My next car is finished but i need to make a new track or make big changes because the current track makes the car go to fast so the structure breaks... A shame because the track is really nice.
can u make the guy bleed?
The car already has several parts and i try to keep them under 1000.
okay then,were waiting for you!
99999999999999999999 in 10 points good!!!
can't wait for more!!!
I found the crashed car. Its underneath the start of the jump with a rock crushing it.:lol:
i made my first tornado and it sucked you car up and made it like a crumbled piece of paper
i did find the crashed car also!!
Volvos are very good safe cars. My friend's mom is crazy (literally) and is extremely paranoid about people getting hurt. She drives an ANCIENT Volvo (Go figure) Lol
Awesome pure awesome. Great job and excellent detail.
i loved this scene can any one check out my account?
This is the best car in algodoo and others
А где все русские то?
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