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Volvo 460 Crashable

screenshot of the scene

Author: MrLucasManSwe

Group: Default

Filesize: 353.55 kB

Date added: 2012-09-09

Rating: 9

Downloads: 382395

Views: 28543

Comments: 139

Ratings: 32

Times favored: 1

Made with: Phun

Crash car,
Volvo 850,
Volvo 440,

Scene tag

This car works for both Algodoo and Phun.

The Volvo 460 was a mid 90's sedan. It was the first Volvo with FWD.


•New, realistic structure with crash-beam, removable front panel and bumpers. This makes the crashes look even better.
•Realistic size and performance.
•Hood and trunk can be opened.
•Working rear lights.
•There is a crushed car in the map. What car is it?

Please rate and comment. :lol:

This is a Volvo 850 (big brother of the 460) being crashed:

Last edited at 2013/01/01 17:24:57 by MrLucasManSwe
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guys i know im stupid but i have the multipla lucas iz gonna finish and its the same car and a citroen DS and exuse my bad engligh:) :bonk:
I am not doing a god damn Multipla, the structure was very hard to make, so i never finished it. And that was 2 months ago. You are stupid indeed.
Cuz you disturbing him, he must create the roadster and the honda IN TIME!!! And you told him to create it .Daheq?)|(
Last edited at 2013/01/03 06:16:52 by faytree
i told him to to the lotus cortina and carlton crashing into eachother
Hello, he can't do it.
aw man:grr: me think u guys r the best dudes in the world
So you you think we are the
Best algobox users

well alphadudeman, all aboard to the BOAT .
-Vsauce joke.
Last edited at 2013/01/03 06:14:08 by faytree
The Nissan 370Z Roadster and the Honda City will probably never be uploaded. Together i have started to make 9 cars after this Volvo, and one of them has a chance of being uploaded:
An old Fiat.
Lucas-heck yeah,i love classic stuff.I almost cried of happiness when one of your difficult cars were having a chance to upload :tup:
Sometimes i change my mind, so it can be something else.
Okay then,can you make a video about your unfinished car .If you can't it's okay cuz i'm your buddy:)
OMG i laughed the hell out =)) 10/10
back from my guilt trip with lucas on ROR!im not gonna talk to u anymore lucas because on ROR ur on my ignore list
Who gives a fucd?:huh:
umm.............nobody actually
Make more dude your cars is so cool! subscbribed:)
My auntie has one in a colour called 'Storm Grey'. I've always liked the 460,it came out in 1994 and was its predessesor was the 440/340.
Say? why STOP MAKING CRASHABLE CARS AND START MAKING SPRING ENGINE CARS!!! Or, if you can't stop, why not put a spring engine in?
it's not that freaking easy to make that algobot.
The crushed car is probably a GM EV1,MG TF or a Mazda MX-5. What is it MrLucasManSwe?
can i please use your car
Why? Make your own! That's what Algodoo is made for! :lol:
____ ||
; \ ||
\,---'-,-, ||
/ ( o) ||
(o )__,--'-' \ ||
,,,, ;'uuuuu'' ) ;;
\ \ \ ) ) /\//
'--' \'nnnnn' / \
\ //'------' \
\ // \ \
\ // ) )
\// | |
\ / |

heck,my ASCII.
Last edited at 2014/08/29 00:17:53 by faytree
hi guys. havent ben on in months you make bmw(or nothing)soon?
I have made about 12 cars after this one, but they kind of failed and they were never uploaded.(Some of them: Honda City, Nissan 370z Roadster, Peugeot 107 and a Rolls Royce Ghost). I will be making more cars. You see, it takes some time and i have been busy with school and stuff, also my computer is becoming slow. When i get a new one i will try to finish some of these 12 cars.
The crushed car is possibly a green 1996 Ford Escort ZX3 Convertible, not an electric car or a GM EV1. An EV1 would have rear fender skirts. Nice car, are you thinking about a car from the 70's? You did a Lincoln, so why not a Chrysler Cordoba? ( can you do it after the ones that are in progress?)Very impressive job Lucas on the Volvo Four-Sixty.
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